Recession Special

Salve, on the Cheap

Salve, on the Cheap

Cheap bars are apt to engage in a familiar advertising ploy, namely, the “recession special,” for which they offer especially tasteless beer for even less money than usual (but still more than your nearby 7/11).  During times of actual economic crisis, this little gimmick becomes more serious, as anxious citizens become more needy of alcohol and social bonding but less able to pay for it.  Today, as the world struggles through these hard times, Davidson Basketball has become my personal salve — a recession (or depression) special that brings more lasting joy and less pain to my wallet than a trip downstairs for a 6-pack of something I can’t afford.

While I actually do pay a somewhat high fee for my twice-weekly dose of Wildcat euphoria, first in cash since I’m a subscriber to multiple online video feeds, and also in sleep-debt as thoughts of March delight and nightmares of Socon tragedy keep me awake late at night, the payoff is priceless.  Tonight’s 75-foot Curry bomb at the halftime buzzer?  It’s good for what ails you.  Saturday’s romp over Wofford?  Made me feel happy inside.  Last week’s 40 point destruction of the poor Paladins?  Gave me the giggles.

When I’m in a rut, I know where to turn.  Feeling angry and frustrated at work?  Remedy: Frank Ben-Eze super-swat and monster dunk.  Hopeless and uncertain about the future?  Impossibly long Curry three will set the world right again.  Lonely and missing close friends?  Highlights of a special night at MSG with my old Davidson roommates reminds me to be thankful.

Indeed, this once youthful team has grown up, showing a maturity and confidence that last season’s team was only just beginning to understand at this time a year ago.  To be sure, 10 important Socon games remain, as well as what looks to be an enormous matchup with Butler in late February.  But shades of March excitement have begun to creep back into my daily consciousness, rekindling a passionate and giddy sense of anticipation for what lies in the future for this year’s Davidson squad.

For now, I’ll continue to soak in each game, taking nothing for granted and remembering that the Davidson teams of yore (2 years ago) rarely pummeled Socon foes by 20+ points on a nightly basis.  It’s hard to be an unhappy person for long when you’re a die-hard Davidson fan, continuously amazed at what this small school has accomplished, and cognizant that come March, its basketball team can do all things.

4th Watts

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